You might need a shot after watching this episode Click Here To Watch

Khandi Alexander has been cast to play the mother of ABC TV Scandal’s Olivia Pope I remember her from the movie  CB4  and the  TV shows News Radio and CSI Miami. Read More

History Channel has announced it will remake the 1977 miniseries “Roots, to star in this will be Read More

It was off da chain last night click here to watch

The three words I would use to describe this movie is Awesome Awesome Awesome!!!  Thanks to all of the Majic family that join us on the  facebook watch party here are a few of your comments. QUEST #1. What did you learn new about #TLC that surprised you? Chante Armstead 25.00 a week, it took a white man […]

OK I’m getting tired of the this word it has now loss it’s street credible.

I really hope this movie is good becasue BET has been doing some major promotion on this!! Read More  

Did you think that (you know who was the mole) Watch Here