Black women are tapping into their political power and standing up for voting rights with this year's Women's march with nationwide events from January 20 to 21.

I just knew my addiction had some hidden benefits.  Okay, so maybe I didn’t, but now I have proof.  So, pour yourself another cup-of-joe and click here for and the 5 Reasons Your Coffee Habit Is Good For You.

This is a Must Read, even if you are in love with your Job, this will give your something to think about.  Originally published on LinkedIn, author James Altucher lays out the case for why “you have to quit your job.”  And he does it convincingly with truth and clear thought that you will only […]


Election day is Tuesday November 4th, 2014  and if you didn’t vote during the early election period, then click the link and check out some of the reasons you should head to the Polls on Tuesday.  Click here for More.

Research has shown that having sex regularly can make you look up to seven years younger!  Here are six other reasons to have more sex. Click here to find out why.


When it comes to your Money is it a case of “The more things change the more they stay the same?” If so, we have a little help. Click here to READ MORE.

Do you have an ex that is trying to come back? Here are 4 reasons why exes come back. 1. He still loves you. The simplest and most self-explanatory of all the options presented. We’ve all been in relationships where even though the relationship was broken, it didn’t mean the emotions were severed as well. Sometimes relationships […]

Don’t you find it annoying when people share details of their relationship on social networking sites?  Here are some reasons to keep your relationship off of those sites, such as Facebook. SHARING MAKES ROOM FOR NEGATIVE COMMENTS When you first begin dating someone, you’re bound to get comments, but you’ll get even more reactions when […]

Fellas, if your wondering why you women may not be so willing to submit to you, you might want to read this article below! Click Here

1) Because stalking is an ugly word. Isn’t it though? It’s just as bad as “golf,” or “moist,” or “panties.” Or even worse, “golfing and stalking in moist panties.” 2) Because you don’t need to see that stuff. Wait. They’re happy without you? And you’re staring at it via your computer screen? No thanks. 3) Because you’ve matured. […]

1) Parenting lengthens life. Being a parent — especially being a mom — is linked with living longer, according to a study of 21,276 couples from Denmark. The research, published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, showed that women who gave birth to children were four times less likely to die early from cancer, […]