Beyonce and Jay-Z are reportedly releasing a joint album.  An Italian newspaper reported Wednesday that the power couple will announce a collaborative project sometime next week.   Jay-Z said in an interview late last year that he and Beyonce have “started making music together.”  Fans reportedly speculate that if the two do release a joint album, […]

  TMZ has reported that producers want to work with O.J. Simpson and are concerned about securing a network for a potential reality TV show. Apparently, advertisers may want to steer clear of Simpson for the sake of their brand. The site said, “Almost to a person, producers and agents said broadcast and cable networks […]

Solange Knowles is releasing a new album this Friday (September 30th). She announced the news via Twitter and released the track listing. She tweeted, Are you here for Solo’s new album?

TMZ has reported, Lionel Richie will be releasing a cosmetic line. The line, which is called Hello By Lionel Richie, will consist of beauty products such as cosmetics, face masks, body glitter, bath beads, hair bows, nail polish. He filed a separate trademark for candles and candle accessories. A cosmetic line?  🤔 Interesting.  

According to, Maxwell is set to release a new single today (March 8th). He said on IG that he will be releasing “Lake By the Ocean.”

source Bishop Carl Mimms III (pictured)  is hoping that Sprint will be bombarded with fire and brimstone for allegedly giving his suspicious wife, Diane (pictured), access to his cell phone records, reports Courthouse News Service.  Now the miffed minister is suing the telecommunications company. click here to read more