The film based on the life of the Queen of Soul features Forest Whitaker, Mary J. Blige, Marlon Wayans and Marc Maron and arrives in theaters on August 13.

Over the years, I have discovered that treating people with respect will win their trust and develop lasting relationships.  Here are 5 things you can do. 1) Be on time. In fact, make it a point to arrive early for appointments and meetings.  Be sure to plan time in your daily schedule for getting prepared […]


via MSNBC.Com It’s believed that keeping quiet in the workplace could actually hurt (and not HELP) you in the long run. A consistent voice could help: 1. Accelerate Your Career 2. Solidify Your Brand 3. Strengthen Your Influence 4. Create Unexpected Opportunities and 5. Command Respect. Read More to find out the sixth reason on […]

Lifestyle “You teach people how to treat you.” The first time I ever heard this concept was on an “Oprah Winfrey Show” episode some years ago. She followed it up with another truth: “When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time!”

Too often, it has occurred to me that there are some things about women a man simply does not understand.  It is my hope that if they can read about some of the basic but very real scenarios from a woman’s perspective whom they’re not emotionally involved with, then maybe the light bulb will finally go off […]