The retailer twirled on their haters today.

Saturday marked one year since the deadline for retailers to officially switch over to EMV microchip cards. Tell us about how the transition has gone.  Mellody: It has gone fairly well, considering what a huge undertaking it is. It is no small thing to change how people pay for things with their credit or debit cards, […]

Michael Strahan is entering the athleisure market with an affordable collaboration with JCPenney.

The Mall of Africa has opened with over 300 retailers, making it one of the largest malls in South Africa.

Major change is happening with Chanel.

Zara's Black customers are targeted as potential thieves seven times more frequently than white shoppers.

I’m always kind anywhere I go not because I’m trying to get something extra but it’s the Godly thing to do but I have to admit in my kindness I have been bless with some people going the extra mile for me but I also hear these 4 words can help you out as well. […]

Want to shop safe this cyber Monday? Here’s some information from News 92 FM’s Bonnie Petrie: The number of people shopping online for the holidays…

Ali had Frazier. Coke has Pepsi. The Yankees have the Red Sox. Now Wal-Mart, the mightiest retail giant in history, may have met its own worthy adversary: Amazon.com. In what is emerging as one of the main story lines of the 2009 post-recession shopping season, the two heavyweight retailers are waging an online price war […]