An article on the Huffington Post states that obesity is rising in U.S. children. Despite recent data suggesting that the rate of childhood obesity in the U.S. has started to level off, a new study out Monday (September 9th) from the American Heart Association found that the number of U.S. children who are severely obese […]

Via: DefenderNetwork.Com Check out what’s coming down the line in Black Films right here.        

If you’re a local R&B artist and looking get out there more, we’ve got your chance!  Introducing Majic’s Rising Music Star!  This is your chance to be featured on Majic 102.1’s website where your music can be heard, not only Houston, but the world!  To submit your song just send an MP3 file, a headshot […]

Via: While a degree certainly provides graduates with an edge in the job market, unemployment statistics have repeatedly shown that one’s race plays a role in securing employment. As of March 2012, African American graduates encountered a rate of 10.8 percent, according to a report by the Economic Policy Institute. White graduates appeared to […]


According to the AP, President Obama knows that the price of gas won’t be falling any time soon.