In 1981, Gates was sentenced to prison for the rape and murder of Georgetown University student Catherine Schilling. In 2009, with the use of advanced DNA evidence, authorities discovered the crime was committed by a man who died in 2013.

Gray died of a neck injury earlier this year while in police custody after he was put in the back of a police van.

The major tobacco companies have agreed to pay  $30 million in advertising across 35 White and Hispanic news publications and websites aiming to expose their deceit when it comes to the danger in smoking.  You would think that black media would be the first on the  list to send this new message out considering how […]

According to The Huffington Post, the National Football League has reached a proposed $765 million settlement with thousands of former players over concussion-related injuries.  Click here to read the whole story.

Details from Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry‘s agreement has been leaked. As previously reported, the two reached an “amicable settlement” in court after Gabriel and Olivier‘s Thanksgiving brawl. According to, a source said that Gabriel will not press charges against Olivier and has dropped his restraining order against him. The source explained, “Gabe has agreed to drop legal proceedings […]

Dozens of protestors from Harris County line the sidewalk in front of BP calling for justice. The latest settlement proposal leaves Harris County out, and…

By MYFOXATLANTA STAFF/myfoxatlanta ATLANTA, Ga. – The first court hearing in the Bishop Eddie Long sexual misconduct case was held Friday, and the case is headed for settlement talks. Lawyers for the bishop and the four young men who have filed suits against him said they want to avoid a trial and resolve the dispute […]

BET is reporting that Morgan Freeman’s ex-wife, Myrna Colley-Lee, is writing a tell all book stating that she received $400 million in their divorce settlement. Now, I must say, does Morgan Freeman even have $400 million to give away? It was originally speculated that Myrna would receive a $170 million settlement, but the source says […]

  A settlement between mobile phone users and companies that charged them for downloaded ringtones and games they thought were free was approved by a court on Tuesday.  Each approved claimant will have the option to receive either a cash award or a refund of $10, out of a total settlement fund capped at as much as […]