Here’s an interesting story from, Newborns really are innocent. A new study reveals that kids learn to lie and distrust by the time they’re age seven. University of Minnesota researchers studied 69 kids between the ages of three and nine. They found kids were able to infer what others were thinking, and strategize using […]

Looking to save money on a last minute holiday trip?  Here are some tips from Black and Married with Kids, Originally you weren’t going to travel during the holiday seasons. Now you’ve changed your mind and want to visit Grandma’s house for some ‘sweet corn pudding’ (lol).  Finding a reasonable airplane ticket is going to […]

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  1. It helps you breathe easier. Sex is reputedly a natural antihistamine, helping to combat hay fever and asthma symptoms. 2. You’ll look younger. A good sex life is a key to youthful looks, according to a study of 3,500 people age 18 to 102 conducted by the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland. Researchers attributed this […]

1) First of all, there WILL be a holiday party at your company– there’s roughly and 86.5-percent chance! Recent surveys have found that as many as 83% to 90% of companies are planning to throw holiday parties this year. Lots of companies cut them during the recession, but now they’re back. 2) But people will be really […]

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