I recall having a discussion many years ago with my mentor and clinical supervisor, at the time. We were discussing domestic violence and sexual assault of women, when she made a startling statement. She said:  “When you have a female drug abuse client, it’s seldom a question of “if” she has been a victim of […]

Russell Simmons has stepped down from his companies after sexual assault allegations. Writer Jenny Lumet is the latest woman accusing Simmons of sexual misbehavior saying that the Def Jam co-founder forced her to have sex in 1991. Simmons announced his decision in a statement below: In the Hollywood Reporter article Lumet writes: “Dear Russell: I met […]

The wave of sexual assault reports from women that have recently rocked Hollywood and other industries have not included many females of color.

Cosby’s spokespeople Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson told Good Day Alabama that the 79-year-old comedian hopes to teach kids how to handle themselves when they’re out and about and prevent themselves from being accused of assault. Wyatt said: “This issue can affect any young person, especially young athletes of today, and they need to know […]

Officials believe that the attack involved five or six young teens and that more arrests are coming.

You may not know, but a woman previously accused Miguel of sexual assault, claiming that he allegedly took her breast out of her shirt backstage after his concert. Miguel hadn’t spoke on the situation but when asked about it by TMZ, he brushed off the allegations saying, “I think we’re just in a place, in a […]

The Chicago teenage girl in Facebook Live sexual assault is now getting harassed by neighborhood kids.

Xian Bass claims the singer R&B singer touched her breasts without her consent after taking a fan photo with him during a club appearance.


An unidentified woman accused the Bay area rapper of sexually assaulting her during an incident that reportedly took place on November 1.

A White high school football player sexually assaulted a mentally disabled Black teammate and goes unpunished. The prosecution withdrew the charges and accepted a guilty plea for a lesser charge.

Dr. Candice Bridge plans on creating innovative ways to catch sexual assault suspects outside of DNA evidence.

An anonymous woman alleges Derrick Rose and two friends entered her Los Angeles apartment and gang raped her in 2013 after an evening of partying. She says that she was not able to give consent.