Jackson Lee says the new COVID-19 relief bill signed by the House includes $2,000 for Americans + $2,000 for their dependants, an extension of the eviction moratorium and more.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee will host the Zika Virus Gold Coast 2016 prevention and reduction in transmission planning session for women and girls. What: This discussion session will address specific concerns regarding environmental conditions that may be conducive to the breeding of Zika Virus carrying mosquitoes, such as household items (e.g. furniture, tires, appliances, grills) […]

Join Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee at the 50th Anniversary of The Voting Rights Act Press Conference & Re-Enactment August 6, 2015 10AM at the Mickey Leland Federal Building 1919 Smith Street Houston, TX 77002 For More Information Call 713-655-0050

The Battle Is On For The 18th Congressional Congress Seat!