Whenever a woman cuts her hair, it becomes a giant discussion point amongst her friends, her inner circle and so on. Long hair is considered “normal” while short hair is considered “abnormal”. Some women cut their hair because they felt like it, they wanted to try something new, any and all reasons just to wonder […]

Hair is really important when it comes to how we look. Trichologist Philip Kingsley says, “Hair is called a secondary sexual characteristic. You can’t flaunt your primary sexual characteristics in public, at least not in western society, so that’s what makes your hair important from a social viewpoint.” Kingsley says long, glossy hair is popular […]

Black men have always seemed to have something against women with shorter hair. While I won’t make a general statement and say that black men have a fear that a woman will lose her beauty if she goes and makes “the big chop” I will say it certainly seems that way. I recently read an […]