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Whenever a woman cuts her hair, it becomes a giant discussion point amongst her friends, her inner circle and so on. Long hair is considered “normal” while short hair is considered “abnormal”. Some women cut their hair because they felt like it, they wanted to try something new, any and all reasons just to wonder what it’s like with a hairstyle other than one they’ve had for a long period of time. When Sanaa Lathan cut her hair last year, it sparked numerous discussions on not only “why” she did it but how she looked with it! Still, the stigmas that persist around women with short hair are abound. Maybe you’ve heard of a few of them.

1. Short-Hair Women Cut Their Hair During A Breakup

Attributing a woman’s looks solely on the actions of a man is probably the biggest, if not the largest stigma that faces black women with short hair. “The Big Chop” if you will had to occur because a woman went through a traumatizing breakup with her boo, right? Not at all. Some people want to feel something different with their hair and there’s no man that can say otherwise.

2. Short-Hair Women Did It For Self-Discovery

It can’t ever be “because I felt like it”. Nope, there has to be a reason, a mantra, a brand new book that told women to do this and do that in order to free themselves. Yeah, right.

3. Short-Hair Women Cut Their Hair For The Sake Of Attention

A friend of mine told me she noticed a difference between when she had long hair versus short hair and how she would be approached on the street. No, she didn’t do it just for an experiment and no woman wants to be seen strictly for their hair choices. A woman simply wants to be treated as a woman because of who she is, not her hair, her body size or her favorite purse.

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