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Janelle Monae stops my Majic 102.1 to share with Kandi about her performance at Black Girls Rock, working with Prince and staying true to her style and music.   Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Watch the exclusive interview below:  

KG Smooth caught an early glimpse of the movie “The Best Man Holiday.”  Check out his review of the movie and make sure you catch it in theaters November 15th! Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone

Marsha Ambrosius stopped by Majic 102.1 to share the story behind the song “Butterfly” and working with Michael Jackson. She also revealed how her career may have not existed if it wasn’t for a B -Ball injury. Get The Latest Music and Entertainment News On Your Phone Check out the interview below!

Facebook users might notice a whole new search bar on the account–the social graph search–which debuted to a fraction of the social network’s billion users in January. The new tool allows users to dig deeper within their circle of friends to discover their interests, relationships and more. With Graph search, you can enter a phrase […]

Off the top some of you might not think that’s not fair but to someone who has bad credit but a good Idea and social following it just might work in there favor. Read More

Rihanna edged out reggae icon Bob Marley and rocker Avril Lavigne to become the most liked celebrity on Facebook in 2011.

In January, the world met a gadget called the iPad. In late December, federal regulators implemented groundbreaking rules for how the internet works.  Read More:

London, England (CNN) — Facebook this week announced a new way to express your interests — a “Like” button that’s set to appear all around the web. Click the button, and the Web page is shared with your friends. What’s more, every “Like” you submit ensures Facebook (and its partner sites) can deliver a more […]

I’ve never had an iPhone, but at one time, before it was stolen, I had an iPod Touch, and it allowed me to pretty much do anything I wanted except hold it up to my ear and talk into it (which was fine because it hasn’t yet been disproven that cellphone usage causes brain, mouth, […]