Houston is the proud home of the prestigious Buffalo Soldier National Museum.  During this Black History Month, the Buffalo Soldier National Museum will be hosting their 16th Annual Benefit Gala.  This event will be going on at the museum on Friday, February 26th, 2016 at 3816 Caroline Street.  The gala will be prefaced by an […]

Imagine you are female and your neighborhood has been riddled with reports of robberies and home invasions. You are home alone. In the middle of the night your alarm system wakes you out of your sleep with a terrifying screech. The next thing  you hear are foot steps at your bedroom door. In a panic you reach under […]

Kanye West is one of the top musical icon’s and now he’s increasingly becoming a fashion icon to, Kanye has been voted GQ’s Most Stylish Man Of The Year, facing off against Idris Elba in the final bracket of a user based poll for the site. By, Jay Balfour Blackamericaweb.com Click for more:http://blackamericaweb.com/2014/12/29/kanye-west-voted-gqs-most-stylish-man-of-the-year/

J.R. Martinez has made a habit out of triumphing over obstacles. The former Army solider was disfigured during an IED explosion in 2003 while serving…