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Imagine you are female and your neighborhood has been riddled with reports of robberies and home invasions. You are home alone. In the middle of the night your alarm system wakes you out of your sleep with a terrifying screech. The next thing  you hear are foot steps at your bedroom door. In a panic you reach under your mattress for the gun you’d purchased for protection, and instinctively start blasting at the bedroom door, to prevent the shooter from coming in. As the intruder drops to the ground, with the door half way open, you see your husband laying on the floor.

I could never imagine the feeling of shooting a loved one. Even more so, I could never imagine that love one being my husband who was only trying to surprise me with Breakfast in Bed.

Police in Fayetteville, North Carolina, say that a Fort Bragg soldier, Zia Segule triggered the couple’s home security system when he entered his house Friday morning, which caused Segule’s wife, Tiffany, to believe that an intruder had broken in. Segule wanted to surprise his wife with breakfast when he frightened her and got the surprise of his life.

“She shot through her bedroom door, striking her husband through the upper chest,” says Fayetteville police spokesman Antoine Kincade. Segule, a soldier at Fort Bragg in North Carolina, suffered a gunshot wound to his chest and was taken to Cape Fear Valley Medical Center for treatment.

This story could have ended tragically, but fortunate for the Segule family,  this wasn’t the case. Click Here for more of the story as reported to