Wow, what a way to kick off the first weekend of December.  The 2015 Toyota SWAC Football Championship game at NRG Stadium was quite exciting, not to mention the Battle-of-the-Bands half-time show.  The Alcorn State University Braves took on the Grambling State University Tigers and were victorious with a final score of ASU 49 – GSU […]

The next time you watch a football game and see someone take a hit from a Defensive Lineman and he’s slow to get up, just give him a little break.  You’ll understand after watching the video of Penn State lineman Anthony Zettel tackle a tree.  Click here for More.


A proposed bill in Oklahoma could make wearing a hoodie illegal.  It may sound ridiculous but stranger laws have passed.  Oklahoma residents are rightfully concerned as we all should be, because if passed this type of law would soon move on to other States.  Click here for More.

Is seems as thought North Korea is getting ready to go to war with South Korea.  See what’s going on here.


Puerto Rico awaits a congressional vote that could make it the 51st State. READ MORE.

Dallas Icon and Texas State Fair mainstay Big Tex has apparently died from a self-inflicted wound today. The beloved landmark burst into flames today due to an electrical fire. Click here for pics and the full story.

State lawmakers get an update on the status of Medicaid in Texas and they have been served notice that economic numbers are dismal. Texas lawmakers…

A federal judge stops the state of Texas from keeping Planned Parenthood from participating in the Women’s Health program.  The judge believes the Texas law…