According to CNN, President Trump‘s chief strategist, Steve Bannon, has been removed from the National Security Council, reversing what had been a controversial decision to put Bannon on it. The move was revealed in a new memo about the council published yesterday (April 5th) in the Federal Register, which no longer lists Bannon as a […]

  “Being white isn’t really a question of color. It’s a whole mental outlook. Every white supremacist cause–no matter where or when–has had Blacks on its side. And they didn’t mind fighting for the enemy, either. Today, with so many whites turning Black, why can’t a few ‘darkies’ decide to be white?” — The Camp […]

POTUS reshuffled the council, downgrading the military chiefs of staff to give a regular seat to his chief strategist, the former chief of Breitbart News.


The petition asks Congress to ban Steve Bannon from the White House because of his connections to the Alt-Right movement.

Sen. Harry Reid warns of a risk in normalizing bigotry and sexual assault under Trump's presidency. He urged Trump to rescind his Bannon appointment.

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In the aftermath of Trump's win, Roland Martin and his panel of guests discussed what is next for Black America.