Was there hazing among band members at Texas Southern University? That’s what an investigation into the “Ocean of Soul” will determine. Click below to hear…

According to the AP, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel obviously believes that the teachers who went on strike are doing something illegal and he wants the courts to cease this foolishness.

via: Teacher pay is back in the headlines as Chicago school teachers went on strike Monday. The average teacher salary is $71,236 in the Chicago Public School district, which includes elementary schools and high schools, according to the Illinois Interactive Report Card of Northern Illinois University. The average in the state is $64,978. Read […]

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Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUS) are great options for students who want to attend schools with thick history, bountiful culture, huge pride, and great campus life. Here is a top list of the best HBCUs to consider while picking the perfect HBCU for you. The list includes schools ranging in size, academic focus, and […]

Local Penn State Alumni are still trying to absorb the punishment handed down against their school. But they are convinced some good will come out…

Via News92FM.Com After vocal parents spoke their minds and voiced their opinions and community members shared their thoughts on HISD’s proposal to change school start and end times, the district has chosen not to follow through with the proposed changes in the school day. According to published reports, Dr. Terry Grier had proposed that the […]

via: HISD will launch its Voter Registration Drive at all of the district’s high schools Thursday. According to information obtained by News 92 FM, the campus-based voter registration drive is serving as an effort to teach students the importance of voting and participating in the democratic process. HISD is slated to kick off the […]

via: A boy jumps to save a busload of students after their driver suffered an apparent heart attack. See More

via: A former science teacher has been accused of having sex with two of her students. Shelley Linder is facing two counts for improper relationships with an educator and a student and two counts of enticing a child. Read More