Apple is rolling out a big update today that will affect all iphone and ipad users. The system will feature a new look, i tunes radio which lets you customize stations and buy songs while playing, and some other cool features, but over all the same functions. Click here for all the changes in detail. […]

“Whom you recommend on LinkedIn really does matter. If they screw up, your thumbs-up could come back to haunt you.”  CNNMoney has the complete story.  Read more:


Roland Martin talks with tech guru Mario Armstrong about getting around the Time Warner Cable-CBS dispute.


Mellody Hobson talks about wills during today’s “Money Mondays” segment. I’ve talked about the importance of getting your affairs in order to assure your wishes…


An 18-year-old high school student has invented a device that could potentially charge your cellphone in less than 20 seconds. Eesha Khare, attends Lynbrook High…

  The Omicron Character Building Camp is opening registration to all families with kids that want to have futuristic fun this summer.  The camp starts on June 17th and will continue until August 23rd.  Each family is encouraged to register early because there is limited space.  Our goal is to instill character within the kids […]


Roland Martin talks with Christen Rochon of “Divas and Dorks” about the top three tech gadgets for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

So many people are still dealing with unemployment, under employment, and sometimes just hating your job. But there is a language Tom that has the…


Sinbad talks with the TJMS crew about his family, the various Tom Joyner events he has enjoyed over the years, technology and more. He will…

Samsung makes big bucks. The South Korean tech giant beats market expectations announcing sales Friday of approximately $46 billion, up 15% from a year has the story.  Read more:

What’s in the future for cell phones?  65,000 people got a glimpse at Mobile World Conference this week. has the video and the story. Read More

Did you watch, “Steel Magnolias?” More than 6.5 million movie watchers had the “Steel Magnolias” experience on Sunday. Read more