Steve Jobs didn’t just create products, he created consumer identities.  Sure, he changed the way we listen to music, chat on the web, talk on the phone and a whole hosts of other things, but what I think is so remarkable is that he changed the way we express who we are through the technology […]

Yesterday, as I was walking back from the train station after a long day at work, I ran into someone I knew on the way home. After we exchanged greetings and we proceeded to chat, it quickly became hard to hold a conversation as we both seemed lost in our own worlds. We had both […]

via: NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — Twitter has acquired TweetDeck, an application for organizing the display of tweets, for more than $40 million in a mix of cash and stock, according to sources close to the deal. Read More

Hewlett-Packard showed the fruits of its acquisition of Palm on Wednesday. The technology giant demonstrated a new tablet device and two new smartphones, as well as disclosing plans to bring its webOS software to computers and printers.  Read More:

It may not be on the minds of hot-wing-chomping sports fans who want to see Clay Matthews clobber Ben Roethlisberger or Hines Ward streak toward the end zone. But, by all accounts, Sunday’s Super Bowl will be the most high-tech ever. From an in-stadium bank of servers storing 100 terabytes of data to an official […]

Before donating or recycling your old PC, you can use the restore disks that came with it to completely reload the operating system and original applications…  Read More:

When Trevor Blackwell, CEO of a company called Anybots, wants to know what his employees are up to, he sends a robot to their cubicles. “I can see if people are busy on something — and then won’t interrupt them,” he said this week. “Or, you know, if they’re doing something that looks interesting, or […]

I feel like in the past five years or so, there’s been a resurgence in children having technological devices. We’ve become a more tech savvy society, so it’s only natural that children would want the latest cell phones, Wii games, iPods, etc. to pass the time. It’s a completely different world than it was even […]

// From Me? I love tha twitter. For those of you using it to get the latest news and info: you can follow our blog posts at @jjpolitics and my thought stream direct at @ch3ryl. For those who ain’t — whatchu waitin’ for? Twitter is apparently a place we now dominate, which I can […]

According to Atlanta Associated Press, Spelman College was granted $1 million dollars from Exxon Mobil to increase the number of black, female engineers: Officials announced Friday that the historically black women’s college got a grant from ExxonMobil. It will allow the college to offer scholarships to women interested in technology-related programs. The college says six […]

// A Tennessee-based public relations executive lost his job after forwarding an email that contained images comparing First Lady Michelle Obama to a chimpanzee. While this isn’t the first time that people sending racist emails have been implicated, it is still shocking each and every time. Watch video after the gallery… Check out the CNN […]