The 58-year-old made his return to WVKO-AM (1580), the radio station where the Ohio native began his career in the 1980s before drug and addiction woes took over.

Ted Williams (pictured), the once-homeless man who catapulted to stardom with his “Golden Voice,” was discovered by a reporter as he stood panhandling at a highway… *Ted Williams, the homeless man with the Golden Voice, has just signed on to star in a reality series that will follow his struggle to stay clean and sober, reports TMZ.    

Ted Williams recently landed his own reality show, now he’s setting his sights on taking the music world by storm.  The formerly homeless Williams is releasing a song called “A Survivor’s Prayer” through digital outlets.

Ted Williams, The Man With The Golden Voice, will be the subject of an upcoming reality show called “Second Chances At Life.”  The show is scheduled to begin shooting in two weeks.

Julia Williams says she’s broken-hearted but not surprised that her newly famous son, Ted Williams, the man with the golden voice, has left rehab in Texas after barely two weeks. “I’m very sorry that he left, and I’m very upset,” Williams, 90, tells PEOPLE. “Certainly I want him to go back. He needs help.” Julia […]

*Ted Williams, the homeless man whose “golden voice” made him an overnight celebrity when it was posted on YouTube, says he will enter rehab to try and kick his dependency on drugs and alcohol, repors  

LOS ANGELES — The homeless man whose deep, rich voice has made him an Internet sensation, tells “Entertainment Tonight” that an argument with his daughter was a family gathering that got out of control. Ted Williams is in Hollywood for appearances on “Dr. Phil” and “Entertainment Tonight.” But police say they received a disturbance report […]

  “A lot of people have been telling me that I look like President Obama from a side view.”

Ted Williams, the Ohio homeless man whose golden voice made him a YouTube sensation and brought him offers of work, was detained by the Los Angeles Police Department Monday night at a Hollywood hotel. According to law enforcement sources, Williams and a unidentified family member were detained after police were called to the Renaissance Hotel […]

The homeless man with the golden voice, Ted Williams, is reunited with his mother, Julia Williams, 90, in New York Thursday, Jan. 6, 2011. Williams, who was living in a tent near a highway in Columbus, Ohio, just days ago, became an online video sensation when the Columbus Dispatch posted a video of him speaking […]   *Ted Williams, now famous as the “golden-voiced homeless man,” has been tapped by MSNBC to voice upcoming commercials for its Lean Forward campaign. The spots will begin airing tonight, when Williams will also appear as a guest on the news channel’s “The Last Word With Lawrence O’Donnell,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.