A high school basketball player told reporters the coach would place his hand on her shoulders and other places, gestures she never experienced with their previous coach.

Seventeen-year-old Sean Johnson is being charged with attempted murder after brutally beating his football teammate.

Warning: This video is extremely graphic and contains disturbing images that may be upsetting to watch. While we have yet to fathom how for almost…

Warning: This video is extremely graphic and contains disturbing images that may be upsetting to watch. For almost three minutes, no one–not even an adult or an employee–stopped a now infamous fight inside a Brooklyn McDonald’s, leading the teens to brutalize each other on camera. So far, one arrest has been made. Sixteen-year-old Aniah Ferguson was one […]

Quinton Murphy of Jack Britt High School ini Fayetteville North Carolina was very excited about his graduation. So excited that when it was his time…

(HOUSTON) — Police arrested six teens allegedly connected to a burglary of a home in north Harris County on Monday morning. A neighbor called the Harris County…

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Via Ele8.com: Roland Martin talks with Rodney Stearns, President & Founder of  Text No More. Click here  and listen.


Special correspondent April Ryan talks with Dr. Jeff Gardere about having the sex talk with children, when it’s the right time and what you need…


Most parents of teenagers wonder how there teen can sleep the whole day away. However, one mother explains that her daughter slept nearly two months and had no recollection of sleeping that much time away. 15 year old, Stacey Comerford, suffers from a “Sleeping Beauty” condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome which causes a person to sleep for up to 20 […]

The launch of the tween makeup and skin care line GeoGirl was a grand affair filled with product surrounding every corner of the loft, a stage, lunch tables and chalk boards filled with texting terms that tweens have adopted as their daily form of expression. But, what really stood out to me were the young girls milling about proudly wearing makeup and discussing the […]

Morality in Media today called for MTV and Viacom to halt distribution of its new show “Skins” to avoid the exploitation of children and because the show may violate U.S. child pornography and obscenity laws.