Kandi Burruss has taken to social media to send positive energy to Mo’Nique, who has received much criticism over the past couple of weeks. Kandi uploaded this Throwback Thursday photo that said, That was sweet of Kandi!  No pun intended…lol

Today’s throwback Thursday is one of my favorite female artist songs.,  It’s Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”.  She was one of the best to ever do it R.I.P. Whitney and we are keeping Bobbi Kristina in our prayers. I will always love you.  She was one of the best to ever do it R.I.P. […]

Once upon a time  (1994-1995) a few great men of music got together to embody what it meant to be Young, Talented and Black, and what it meant to support the message #BlackLivesMatter…The results were a smash hit titled “U Will Know”. The song was featured on one of my favorite movies- Jason’s Lyric, which also happened to […]

This is what you will need: Round toothpicks. 1Small glass vial or wide mouth glass jar Cinnamon oil, or Mint oil Stickers Scotch tape Scissors Plate Wax paper Altoids can 1 More mini tall thin glass vial or plastic sterilized medicine bottle Stapler How to make Cinnamon Toothpicks

Via TheUrbanDaily: Did you know Whitney Houston started out singing  jingles?    Click here  to check out her “Bounce” commercial.

Wanna see what Beyonce’ looked like as a baby? Click here!  

I remember me and my best friend  back in the the day use to rule our street just because we were the only two that had Atari. We would be outside getting ready to play baseball and our other friends would say hey you can take my turn at bat all because they wanted to […]

  I remember chilling in my old hood of South Park driving down MLK putting it on the slab..lol        

Remember this commercial from back in the day? It use to come on BET and had everyone saying the line “No my brotha, you’ve got to buy your own!”  LOL

I remember growing up in Houston Tx in South Park  the one thing I hated the most was rainy days. Today kids may be OK with it because it seems like all there fun is in doors but as for me I kept a dark tan in the summer because I love being outside. I […]