Fly Jock I had planned to do this blog on my way back from the Soul Train Awards, but since it was so late at night/early in the morning, I fell asleep midway. But as I rested, I reminisced about all that “Soul Train” meant to black people.   

CNN’s T.J. Holmes was keeping a deep, dark secret for some time that has finally been revealed, thanks to “The Tom Joyner Morning Show” and Tom Joyner himself. The CNN anchor hadn’t had a medical checkup in years, and, like many other people – especially black men – he probably wouldn’t have gone until something […]

HBCUs Online, aims to give the nation’s historically black schools a larger share of the fast-growing market for online degrees…Texas Southern University is one of the first to sign up, offering three master’s degrees through a program Joyner launched this fall.  “The outreach Tom Joyner has, it’s massive,” said TSU Provost Sunny Ohia. Michael McFrazier, […]

On Friday, not long after the jingle ended, I went to see the movie “Waiting for Superman” with my senior producer Nikki Woods and writer Mary Boyce, a.k.a. Mamas Gone Wild. If you haven’t seen it yet, “Waiting for Superman” takes a look at the public school system in this country, shows us how jacked […]

Somehow, some way, those of us who care need to find a way to breathe new life into potential voters in the upcoming mid-term elections. Two years ago, as we approached the November 2008 election, you couldn’t go a day without being inundated with information on the importance of registering and voting. In fact, if […]

Some days are rougher than others for black America, and I think yesterday was one of the roughest in a while. If I could get my “Little-Known Black History Fact” research team to do some investigating, I’d love to know the first national news story involving black folks that caused a collective, “Oh, Lord,” to […]

When I formed the Tom Joyner Foundation along with my sons 12 years ago, it was a way for me to do something I learned from my mom – to give back.  When people ask me about how much money the foundation has given to help students remain in historically black colleges and universities, they […]

African-Americans are increasingly seeking degrees and post-graduate education, especially online, and especially at for-profit colleges and universities. Overall, about 43 percent of the students at for-profit colleges are members of minority groups, with the University of Phoenix leading the way. It leads the country in number of bachelor’s degrees awarded to African-Americans and has reported […]

In 1950, a woman named Mary Jean Price had a dream of attending Southwestern Missouri State College. The Springfield, Missouri native had worked hard, becoming salutatorian at Lincoln High School. Going to a school further than SMSC wasn’t an option for Price; her father’s heart was failing, and she couldn’t afford to go to Lincoln […]

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I never hate on anyone who makes a move in order to try to improve his or her station in life. When I’m asked to do commencement speeches each year, I urge the graduates to feel free to move away from their hometowns if another part of the state, country or the world has something […]

After 10 years, Tavis Smiley is ending his annual State of the Black Union conference, which spawned best-selling books and his critical stance toward Barack Obama.