This is not only a game but it educates as well Read More   Screen capture from ‘Thralled,’ a coming app about the slave trade.

Beyonce has settled a $100 million lawsuit with video game company Game Five. As previously reported, the company claimed that they struck a lucrative deal with the singer for a game called Starpower: Beyonce. She later demanded a new agreement and then abandoned the project. The company has claimed that they lost almost $7 million investment and […]


I love the voluptuous black womanly body that Serena Williams proudly displays.  She is once again stirring up controversy.  Is she being too sexy in this new video game ad?  Check it out and let us know what you think in the comment box below. The Daily News recently reported that Serena Williams does a […] *If reports are true, Wesley Snipes isn’t letting a three-year stint behind bars stop him from conducting business moves on the outside. Apparently, the actor is working on a video game while serving time for tax fraud.  

*The writing on the wall began last year, when Electronic Arts made Tiger Woods share the cover of his bestselling video game with another golfer (Northern Irish rookie Rory McIlroy) for the first time ever – in the wake of his sex scandal.  

If there’s one fundamental truth about video games, it’s that smash hits tend to leave a lasting impression. Since players often share their company for weeks, months and sometimes years on end, these titles’ faces become as familiar and welcome as those of any friend. It’s no surprise, then, that from “Castlevania” to “Mortal Kombat,” […]

EA Sports launched its demo for Madden NFL 11 today, and with the Colts versus Jets trial comes news of a new feature: win the Madden Super Bowl and your team gets a parade and a personal congratulations at the White House from a polygonal President Barack Obama. IGN revealed the upgraded Super Bowl victory […]