You really are trying to be healthy…you go to the gym, you drink water, you even eat healthier. So why do you still feel so…

The heat is here and the best drink for the heat is water.  We have 7 ways to make water work for you the Memorial Day. Click here to READ MORE.

We’ve all have heard the popular rule of thumb “ drink 8 glasses of water a day.” What if I told you that the recommendation has increased to suggesting men should consume 3 liters a day (13 glasses) and women should consume 2.2 liters a day (9 glasses). The average American can’t even say they consume […]

For crews of the Battleship Texas, it has been round the clock work to contain and stop a leak on the ship. Crews have been…


via: A girl chatting on her cell phone in China fell through a sidewalk weakened by water. Firefighters rescued her. See More

via: CONROE, Texas – Houston Mayor Annise Parker says the only way for the city to beat the heat and keep the water flowing is to enact mandatory water restrictions. Mandatory Water Restrictions: The Stage Two water restrictions go into effect next week. That means residents will only be able to water their […]

via: (CNN) — A spell of suffocating heat continued to grip much of the South Thursday, as records for the most consecutive days off 100-degree heat in parts of Texas appeared vulnerable. If forecasts hold Thursday, Dallas will have its 34th straight day of temperatures above 100 degrees. That city has been getting a […]

I love to encourage people to restore by the shore for health benefits.   The Yoga pose in the picture is “Seated Bird Of Paradise”, check out the video below for a demonstration and highlights from my recent retreat.  Besides a fun filled day at the beach, consciously allow yourself to cultivate an overall sense of […]

Venice, Louisiana (CNN) — BP started a “top kill” procedure Wednesday afternoon in an attempt to contain oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, the company said. At 1 p.m. CT (2 p.m. ET), the oil giant began pumping 50,000 pounds of thick, viscous fluid twice the density of water into the site of the […]

FROM BLACKDOCTOR.ORG: Eight glasses of water here, five servings of fruits and veggies there – keeping up with all these health rules and regulations can be a pretty huge task. So, it might help you to know that you may be able to toss some of these rules right out the window.