WARREN, Maine (AP) — Maine’s corrections commissioner has ordered state prison workers to stop making women remove their bras to go through screening to visit inmates. Commissioner Joseph Fitzpatrick says he didn’t know that women were being required to remove undergarments after the bras apparently set off metal detectors. The commissioner says he became […]

In most workplace scenarios, not showing up for the job for an unexcused for days on end would be cause for a swift termination. But in the case of one man, he went six years with skipping work before anyone even took notice, reports BBC. Joaquín García, 69, worked as a building supervisor in Spain […]

Mazibuko said the scholarship was created to reduce the rate of pregnancies and keep the teens away from older men.

(COLLEGE STATION, TX) — A College Station woman found a snake in her bathroom. But not just any snake. This was a 12-foot African python, crawling into her bathtub. Read More

The heckler yelled that McQueen was “an embarrassing doorman and garbage man.”He also added, “F–k you. Kiss my ass.” and Read More

I really think this could work because have you ever heard of a Dutch Over? lol Read More

This is a great story to share with someone who thinks being a porn star is gilts and glamour Venessa is here to give you the real. WARNING: video and story include graphic language. Read More

Source Facebook:   A Halloween prank in Oklahoma put neighbors in a panic. A man decided to get “gruesome” this Halloween with his decorations. They feature gravesites and ghosts up in a tree in his yard, but the real shocker is the fake dead body in the driveway. The dead body is placed in such […]

We need everyone to be safe especially you ladies. Read More