Reports have come out about how former President Barack Obama reacted to President Trump on Saturday (March 4th) accusing him of wiretapping Trump during the presidential campaign. An Obama spokesman immediately denied what would have been an illegal act, no proof has been offered by the White House, and both current and former intelligence officials […]

Former President Barack Obama is mad – and for good reason. According to The Wall Street Journal, Obama was reportedly furious about Trump’s unsubstantiated and absurd claims that Obama wiretapped Trump’s offices during the 2016 presidential campaign. Obama should be angry by Trump’s wild and baseless accusations — and, in fact, all clear-thinking Americans should […]

President Barack Obama is irked, annoyed and exasperated in response to Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claims that the 44thth President wiretapped his phones at Trump Tower, a claim Trump made last weekend, according to sources close to the former president.

  Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean no one is recording your video calls. At least that seems to be the sentiment of some when they talk about recent changes made by Skype. has the story.  Read More: