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Barack Obama

Source: Getty / Getty

Reports have come out about how former President Barack Obama reacted to President Trump on Saturday (March 4th) accusing him of wiretapping Trump during the presidential campaign. An Obama spokesman immediately denied what would have been an illegal act, no proof has been offered by the White House, and both current and former intelligence officials have said it’s not true.

Several reports now describe Obama’s reaction to the unprecedented charge, but they aren’t the same. The Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday (March 7th), that Obama was, quote,

“livid . . . believing that Mr. Trump was questioning both the integrity of the office of the president and Mr. Obama himself.”

However, CNN yesterday (March 8th) described Obama instead as having been “irked and exasperated,” while NBC News reported an even milder version, that he, quote, “rolled his eyes.”

I know Obama is like, “This mutha****a here.” đŸ˜†

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