While we mourn the loss of this spectacular animal, do you believe this warrants an investigation into the family?


A zoo in China is under scrutiny for trying to disguise a dog as a lion.  It’s almost worked, until the dog barked…LOL Did they really think that they could get away with this?  Click here to read the whole story.  SMH

If you are inquisitive, bold, brazen and daring, then make plans to head to the Houston Zoo and view the DINOSAURS! exhibit the Houston Zoo.…

One of the most scenic, amazing and captivating places in Houston played host to an Earth Day celebration over the weekend. The Houston Zoo served…

via: cnn.com Animals at the National Zoo began to act differetnly prior to the East Coast earthquake. WJLA’s Lisa Fletcher reports. See More


Fresh off a heated custody battle with Halle Berry, Gabriel Aubry was spotted taking his little daughter out for a fun day at the zoo in LA yesterday. Father and daughter spent quality time together hours after a judge told Halle Berry that she could take her daughter out of state, AND that Gabriel had […]

Both father and child were injured after the girl climbed over a fence in a private zoo in Luenebach, western Germany. The bear hit the girl on the forehead before her father was able to snatch her away, police said. The 34-year-old Dutch man was also attacked and his leg injured. The girl had climbed […]