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I watched a movie titled “Greenberg” and in it was one of my favorite lines, “Hurt people hurt people.” The actress who played Florence in the movie said it to the actor she loved, Robert Greenberg. Robert struggled with OCD, was neurotic, jaded, and a 40-year-old guy. He had recently gotten out of a mental hospital, and was house sitting for his brother and family while they went to Vietnam on summer vacation. Robert’s inability to live in the real world and his fear of dying and fear of everything else that living people have to do, left him with one job to perform while he was there, to build a dog house for the family dog (who happened to stay with him). Robert’s brother’s assistant (Florence) was left in charge of helping Robert. This was complicated by the fact that she was wounded from another relationship, Robert showed interest in her, and he couldn’t drive a car. The movie had no plot except to depict how we all get into these relationships and someone gets hurt, and then that person goes on to hurt someone else. We all live it, and we all do it. Greenberg was also able to poignantly show that on the outside it is difficult to see these things. It is only when you are in it that you can see it, and then we are usually too deep in it to get out. Time and time again, Florence’s best friend told Florence to leave Robert alone, that he was too messed up, but Florence recanted with “He has a soft underbelly, he is the guy who leaves a party, and freaks out at something stupid.” She went on to say, “I like that.” Florence knew what she was getting and apparently liked the drama or rush that was involved with loving a guy like Robert Greenberg.

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