It’s happened to all of us. You’re going about your business, using multiple keyboards to tap out missives of variable sum and substance, and one to ten seconds after hitting send … BAM! The sounds around you drop to a static buzz. Your stomach plummets an inch or two south. A cold feeling fills your […]

*Spike Lee and Chris Rock join actor/director Mario Van Peebles in a ground-breaking film about the plight of the Black man. Entitled “Bring You’re a Game,” the film “sheds light on the resilience and influence of Black males,” in the worlds of Van Peebles himself.

I watched a movie titled “Greenberg” and in it was one of my favorite lines, “Hurt people hurt people.” The actress who played Florence in the movie said it to the actor she loved, Robert Greenberg. Robert struggled with OCD, was neurotic, jaded, and a 40-year-old guy. He had recently gotten out of a mental […]

With the job market getting better, more workers who were once discouraged are getting back into the hunt. But how do you explain that gap in your work history on your résumé? The first rule: Be honest about the gap, said Cheryl Campbell, president of TPI Staffing in Cypress. Employers will do a reference check, […]