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Kelis has adopted a “take no prisoners attitude” with her fashions, and luckily (or unluckily) that attitude extends to her finger tips as well.  

Trends for nail polish colors are a tricky thing because what you wear ultimately depends on your style and mood. Spring nail polish trends this year spanned the gammet from beigey apricots, browns and taupes to lollipop-inspired shades to pastels…as you can see – the palettes were very diverse.

If your mood says “wild-child’ like Kelis’s display of multi-colored french manicure, then one nail color just won’t do. Get Kelis’s look by opting for three or four very pretty, yet fanciful shades from Perfect Formula’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection, Giverny & Jardin ($15, to create your own customized french manicure.

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