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Do you try your shoes on your hands before you buy them, NO! So why test your cosmetics in this same manner?

The most important step to finding the right foundation or skin care product is simple… TRY IT ON, on your face that is! And no the skin on your hand is not the same as the skin on your face!

Don’t get me wrong, its okay to feel the consistency on your hand, to get a general feel, but ALWAYS, try it on your face to get a true feel, especially when dealing with foundations and color. If you are one that gets extremely freaked out about all the fingers or faces the product has been in contact with, buy it and try it, if you don’t like it, TAKE IT BACK! Who cares if the cashier gives you a look or attitude, money does not grow on trees. I am sure just as any other woman, you don’t need another product taking up space in your bathroom or cosmetic bag! With most retailers as long as you keep the box and receipt and don’t take over a month to return it, they gladly will refund or exchange the product.


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