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December 1st marks World AIDS Day 2010 all around the world.  People famous and not so famous are making the most out of this  day to raise awareness and celebrate loved ones who are dealing with this disease, lost the battle and highlighting positive developments with research and prevention.  

You can also be a part of this important day.  Fast Company’s Jenara Herenberg shares 5 ways you can get involved.

1. One Love Project

Rena Greifinger from the Harvard School of Public Health launched the innovative One Love Project to help teens born with or affected by HIV to keep their lives on track. In its second year of running now, Greifinger has been able to gather a small group of Boston-based HIV-positive teens each year to spend a few days together in a stigma-free environment, share experiences and resources, and strategize ways to support other teens with HIV. Check out ways to get involved or simply donate.

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2. Alicia Keys’ Keep a Child Alive Campaign

Alicia Keys started the Keep a Child Alive Foundation in order to fight poverty and disease, with a focus on children. She and a number of celebrities have teamed up for a “digital life sacrifice” experiment where the likes of Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian will not sign onto any social network, including Twitter, until fans collectively donate $1 million dollars. All you have to do to participate is text the name of your favorite participating celebrity to 90999 and $10 dollars will be instantly donated to the cause.

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3. Partners in Health

The organization founded by Paul Farmer and Jim Kim has a history of innovating around a number of health issues, particularly in Haiti, where they got their start. When the Haiti earthquake crisis erupted, PIH was recognized as one of the safest and most reliable organizations to donate to. Still operating in Haiti, where HIV/AIDS is a strong focus of their work, donations are welcome on their website.

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