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Gift giving can be very stressful, especially in this stage of the game. We are literally four days away from Christmas; is it necessary to stress over last minute gifts? The answer to that question is no! There is no reason to go running to the stores because you forgot that certain someone’s gift. A gift card is a great solution that will relieve the stress of gift giving problems. Gift giving should be fun, so why not shorten the stress and lengthen the joy?

I’m sure we’ve all had this problem. Whether it’s a boss, a mother in law or even a distant cousin you’re just getting to know, sometimes you just don’t know what to get. Gift cards to a store or website that sells everything like, are a great choice. That way you won’t have to worry about getting something they wont like.

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Many people would prefer a gift card, over something that they may want to re-gift. When you buy a gift card for someone, they decide what they want, not you. By doing this, you’re giving the receiver the power to pick what they want. Isn’t this better than stressing over whether that pair of slippers will fit or if pink isn’t their favorite color? This works great especially when someone wants clothes or shoes. Places like the Gap, Old Navy, Macy’s and Payless, all sale gift cards.

One thing you must watch out for is the extra fees, that can be charge when you use these cards. Read the fine print before purchasing. A lot of times, gift cards can be purchase online. This saves you the trouble of going to a store and fighting with the rest of the people who forgot to buy gifts early.

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