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UPDATE: We just got word that Whitney Houston is in rehab for drugs and alcohol. TMZ is reporting that the singer is receiving treatment in an out-patient rehab program for drugs and alcohol as part of a “long-standing ” recovery process.  Apparently the demons have resurfaced and a music industry source who was with Whitney two weeks ago tells the website, “She was plastered and she was a mess.”

Whitney was recently spotted at a Prince concert in LA dancing in the aisle.

Whitney Houston Sending Bobbi Kristina To Rehab [RUMOR]

Bobbi Kristina is not the only member of Whitney Houston’s family that’s in need of rehab…According to TMZ, Whitney has checked herself into an out-patient rehabilitation program, but it’s not for drugs or alcohol! Say what??? Why else would you check yourself into rehab?

Sources tell the site, that Houston enrolled in the program around 10 days ago. The program allows Whitney to go out in public, as long as she has a monitor.

Whitney Houston’s Daughter Bobbi Kristina Involved In Gun Brawl

They were told, “She’s cleansing herself to get ready for a new movie.” We’re guessing this is for the sequel of “Waiting To Exhale.”

There definitely is more to this story!

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