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If I had to choose which one of the “Basketball Wives” were my favorite “wife,”  I’d pick Tami Roman every single time. She real, she’s funny, she’s witty and she just straight up don’t take NO bull. Period! And what’s more is that the other cast members pretty much know not to try her by now, all except for Meeka but she is soon to learn not to go there.

In light of all of her hilarious and down to earth quotes, I’ve created a post dedicated to Tami’s top 6 quotables. Check them out below:

6. “This does not define me, I don’t move from one player to the next. What I do is establish my own.”This was Tami’s response to Evelyn at the reunion show for season 2 where Evelyn said Tami knew her and Kenny were together on the low,  she just acted as if she didn’t to establish her “spot” on the show. Needless to say Tami, for once, didn’t give into Evelyn’s advances and handled her comment with class.

5. “Let me show you how cheap talk is around this m*therf*cker!” During season 2 when Jennifer tried to act bourgeoisie off the fact that she’d “never seen a food stamp in her life” and tried to get buck with Tami, she was so close to setting it off!

4. “So then I don’t need to tell you that I f*cked Chad.” This was especially hilarious from last year’s reunion show as the person’s face on the receiving end of the comment, Evelyn, was absolutely priceless.

3. “You’re only relevant cause I’m talking to you b*tch!” In the heat of Tami and Meeka’s huge blow up last night, Tami let it be known to Meeka that she tries way too hard and is completely irrelevant. That’s definitely the truth, because no one ever even heard of this kid before the show.

2. “I do not care how Evelyn, Jennifer and Shaunie smile in your face. They do not like you.” This had to be one of the realest things ANY one of the BW’s has said in the history of the show. Evelyn, Jennifer and Shaunie are the fakest people ever, that’s their thing. Smile in your face and snicker at you behind your back.

1. “I don’t give a f*ck if you buy every shoe in Dulce, you ain’t never gonna be Evelyn!” Another shot at Meeka, Tami was full of quotables in that one argument with Meeka alone. It also made me take notice to the fact that Meeka definitely does try to be another Evelyn, as if that’s the person to be or something.

I could go on and on with quotes from Tami, but unfortunately I have to stop somewhere, clearly Tami is not to be messed with. Who is your favorite “wife” is and why?

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