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Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love. Each week we’ll profile newly engaged couples as they describe the moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It”.

Larry’s side of the story:

After I had the open-heart surgery last year, I knew Valerie was going to be my wife. While in recovery, I proposed to her in the hospital because her support was overwhelming. However, I don’t think she took me seriously since I didn’t have a ring with me to give her.

My ring shopping began in February but I had to keep in mind that she is not flashy and doesn’t like wearing big jewelry.

We went to the mall the day the ring was ready for pick up and I pretended to be “tired” so that I could pick the ring up without her knowing. Once we were home I sent her to get something for me upstairs so that I could prepare to ask the big question. From downstairs, I screamed “Val, help” and she rushed down to help me. She ran and found me on one knee; holding on the box in one hand while trying to keep my balance with the other.

I told her that I loved her and that I was ready to do it right this time.  I had a marriage shortly before and did not want to waste another moment without making my next marriage count.

Valerie’s side of the story:

After his surgery, Larry was the first to seriously talk about marriage. The night he was in recovery at the hospital he proposed and I took his proposal seriously though he didn’t have a ring with him.

Not too long after, we went to the mall together for a normal day of shopping.  When we got home, Larry told me he wanted to change his shirt before going back out for his doctor’s appointment.

From upstairs, I heard him yell for help and when I rushed down, I found him barely stable on one knee.

It was hilarious, I didn’t notice the box at first, I thought he was trying to tie his shoe. I started to tease him about his old bones and as I grabbed his hand he said:

“Wait, This is my last time in life doing this. I have to do it right.” Then I saw the box and started to laugh. He opened it, said my whole government name and asked me to trade that in to be Mrs. Valerie Marie Shaw instead. Between laughs, I said yes and he put that obnoxious thing on my finger (I don’t like big rings at all). I’m still very proud of my engagement ring, mission accomplished.

Larry and Valerie are planning their wedding for November 1, 2011; congrats to the unifying black love.

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