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On last night’s episode of “Everybody Hates Draya”, “Basketball Wives LA”, we’re shown Jackie’s wedding “after party” where the girls are throwing back shots, letting their hair down and of course, Draya-bashing (because no Basketball Wives outing would be complete without it). When Draya is brought up in the conversation, Jackie gets annoyed and says that “she made a big deal about coming” and should have gotten there. Laura jumps in the conversation saying “F*** her! She’s out the circle” (hm, why does that phrase sound so familiar?) and the rest of the ladies jump to Jackie’s defense and agree that Draya was wrong for not attending the wedding.

Jackie then goes and apologies to her husband, Doug, for Draya’s absence, only for him to ask, “which one is Draya again?” (nice to see he cares so much)

Malaysia seems to be the only one who can tolerate Draya and the two have actually begun forming some sort of a friendship. Malaysia feels responsible for Draya’s absence at the wedding even though she explained that it was her and not Jackie who questioned Draya’s invitation. Malaysia is completely honest with Draya and when tells her that “you’re a topic when your back is turned”. I mean, if I were Draya I wouldn’t go to the wedding either!!!

Meanwhile, Laura, Imani and Gloria head to the gym to get a little workout in where Imani reveals to everyone that she hasn’t had sex in years, much to everyone’s surprise. But don’t worry about Imani, because she gets it IN! She stated , “Don’t get it twisted…I make love to me better than anybody I know.” (Yikes!)

Jackie and Draya decide to meet up for lunch in attempts to smooth things over regarding the wedding situation (I mean is it that serious?). Draya tries to explain her position to Jackie telling her that she didn’t feel welcome at the wedding and that’s why she decided against going. Jackie’s facial expression told it all, and basically she wasn’t having it! “Every time we’ve invited people, 90% of the time they all show up, so Draya should have taken that as a huuuge invite and made sure she got there even if she had to ride a pony.”

After Jackie got up to leave the table, Draya finally realized that she needed to stop trying to be nice to these women. She stated, “I’m gonna stop being so nice to these women, ’cause they’re not nice to me”

The girls then headed over the MMA (mixed martial arts) class. Laura just found out that Draya was talking about her and her children and was ready to go in on her as soon as she stepped into the ring. Meanwhile, Draya is busy minding her business swinging from the stripper pole in the gym (and homegirl has some skills!) When Draya steps in the boxing ring with Laura, her only request is that Laura doesn’t hit her boobs (because Lord knows we don’t want to see a deflated breast implant on national tv). That doesn’t stop Laura from going IN on poor Draya! I guess we’ll have to see the end of the fight on next week’s episode!

What did you think about this weeks episode? Do you think that everyone is ganging up on Draya for no reason or do you think she deserve this treatment? Keep up with me on Twitter! @xoxoSHAR

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