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Dozens of video-capable smartphones — most of them Steve Jobs’ own creations — peered out over the sea of technology journalists like digital periscopes.

Nothing particularly video-worthy was going on in that moment: It was January 2010, and a bunch of us tech writers, wearing plaid and skinny jeans and funny hats, were waiting in line outside the Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco for an Apple news conference.

But a line outside a news conference where Steve Jobs will appear is no normal line. It’s the kind of thing you might just want to record every second of. And so, when our media handlers, wearing bright T-shirts with the simple Apple logo, let us into the building where Jobs would unveil his company’s “magical” iPad, pretty much everyone in the audience raised his or her iPhone in unison and clicked “record.”

I’m sure our collective scramble down a hall toward a dimly lit auditorium was recorded and uploaded dozens of times.


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