Steve Jobs’ 2005 Stanford commencement speech. Jobs plays on two themes: connecting the dots (anecdote: how taking a calligraphy class helped inspire the design of the Mac) and love & loss (anecdote: how getting fired from Apple helped inspire his greatest innovations

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Education is one of the topics that must be addressed by both Republican and Democratic presidential candidates, because it is what many consider to be the “great equalizer” in America. As many of NewsOne Now’s viewers know, Roland Martin and the University of Phoenix are committed to promoting initiatives that further academic achievement. Martin caught […]

What’s said in an e-mail comes out in an e-mail, Scott Rudin, Oscar winning producer apologized Thursday for calling  Angelina Jolie a ‘spoiled brat’ and making racially offensive jokes about President Obama’s presumed tasted in movies. The remarks were made in a series of leaked email exchanges between Rudin and Song Pictures Entertainment co-chairman Amy […]

Facebook reached a major milestone this week.  While it made some users uneasy, it also  made fashion news. has the full story.  Read More:

via: One of the more striking things about holding a new iPhone model is how your old iPhone, which seemed perfectly sleek and adequate just an hour earlier, can suddenly feel slow, clunky and heavy. It’s a neat trick, one that Apple is betting on to help it ship new units to existing iPhone […]

via: (CNN) — Among chief executives, Steve Jobs was an outlier. CEOs of public companies are generally hands-on, but Jobs was involved in practically every detail, from determining which industries Apple should invade to the material used for the iPhone’s screen. Jobs even got directly involved in customer service, which was a part of […]

The book, titled simply “Steve Jobs,” also achieved the biggest week of sales for any book in the U.S. for almost a year. That’s according to data from Nielsen’s BookScan service, as reported by Published by Simon & Schuster on October 24, the book outsold the next bestselling book of the week, John Grisham’s […]

Steve Jobs is gone, leaving behind a void at the company he founded similar to the gaps left by other American visionaries like Walt Disney, Sam Walton, Henry Ford and Ray Kroc upon their passings. That kind of genius is never replaced — but companies that lost an iconic leader must decide how to move […]

Apple fans won’t have to wait as long to read the authorized story of Steve Jobs’ life. Responding to a rush of interest following Wednesday’s death of the Apple co-founder, Simon & Schuster announced it’s moving up the publication date of its Steve Jobs biography from November 21 to October 24. The book by Walter […]

Steve Jobs didn’t just create products, he created consumer identities.  Sure, he changed the way we listen to music, chat on the web, talk on the phone and a whole hosts of other things, but what I think is so remarkable is that he changed the way we express who we are through the technology […]

Dozens of video-capable smartphones — most of them Steve Jobs’ own creations — peered out over the sea of technology journalists like digital periscopes. Nothing particularly video-worthy was going on in that moment: It was January 2010, and a bunch of us tech writers, wearing plaid and skinny jeans and funny hats, were waiting in […]


From Steve Jobs speaks about his death in a moving yet eery speech he gave at a university back in 2005. In his speech he talks about passion, he talks about losses, he talks about love. But the biggest part of his speech wasn’t about the iPhone, it was about death. Read what he […]