Could you imagine YOUR baby being sick at the intentional hands of another??

“In what is being called a contemporary version of the horrific Tuskegee experiment, a prominent Baltimore medical institute has been accused of  enticing poor black families with small children to move into lead-tainted homes during the 1990s to study the poisonous effects of lead paint.”

A class-action lawsuit was filed against the Kennedy Krieger Institute in September, 2011, accusing it of selecting and subsidizing low-income families with young children to rent apartments with lead dust problems in order to measure lead levels in the children over a period of two years.

The suit alleges that more than 100 children, ranging from one to five years old, were endangered by high levels of lead dust in their homes, despite assurances from the Kennedy Krieger Institute that the houses were “lead safe.” Kennedy Krieger provided no medical treatment for the children. Read Full story here


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