Halle Berry put social media on blast at Cannes Lions, claiming she ends up being erroneously linked to scores of random men via pics shared on social media. She explains: “If I am having dinner with a friend, and a man comes up and asks to take a picture, most times I will always say, ‘Of course!’…But […]

Have you ever gone to work while sick? If so, you’re not alone. According to TIME, A new survey of medical professionals reveals they admit to going to work while sick too. Researchers surveyed over 530 attending physicians and advanced clinicians at a hospital and found that 95 percent said they believed working while sick […]

Cold and flu season is now upon us beauties, so that means it’s time to think about preventative measures to avoid coughing, sneezing and hacking…

1) Be Careful With Cold Meds. Even though your first instinct might be to hit up the pharmacy, turns out, everyone reacts to nighttime medications differently. Some people may even have adverse reactions that keep them up instead of lulling them to sleep, like feeling jittery or anxious, or experiencing a rapid heartbeat. The decongestant […]

According to a new study published in Clinical Infectious Diseases the best way to avoid getting sick is to touch your face less. Researchers observed about 250-people and found that the average person touches communal surface about three times an hour, and touches their own mouth or nose even more frequently. Researchers say that viruses […]

Could you imagine YOUR baby being sick at the intentional hands of another?? “In what is being called a contemporary version of the horrific Tuskegee experiment, a prominent Baltimore medical institute has been accused of  enticing poor black families with small children to move into lead-tainted homes during the 1990s to study the poisonous effects of lead paint.” A class-action lawsuit […]

Newsone.com is reporting that a community prayer vigil has been held in Detroit for Aretha Franklin, before the legendary singer undergo’s surgery Thursday: City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson and others gathered downtown Wednesday to pray for Franklin. Last month, the 68-year-old singer announced she was canceling all concert dates and personal appearances through May on the […]

To avoid getting caught in a job-jeopardizing lie, your best bet is to call in sick only when you are truly ill; avoid lame excuses if you’re not. If your psychic tells you to stay home, best not share that tidbit with your boss. Read More: