While Keith Sweat is making his way back into the music industry again, he’s made his debut as an author.

The singer gives readers advice on relationships and love with “Make It Last Forever: The Do’s and Don’ts.”

“It’s about what you should do in your relationship and what you shouldn’t do in your relationship to make it last forever,” Keith told

Well-known erotic novelist Zane helped out with the project as well, publishing it via her company Simon and Schuster. It’ll be released in early 2012.

In the book, the sexologist and love professional advises women to be bold and tell their men what they expect in bed.

“Ladies, tell your man what you like. Don’t expect him to already know.” he urged. “Now, most women feel that telling a man how she wants to be made love to–she feels that might hurt a man’s ego. But a real man is acceptable to a woman telling him what she loves and what she doesn’t like in the bedroom.”

He continued, “If she doesn’t tell him what she likes and he continues giving it to her the wrong way, nine times out of ten she’s gonna go somewhere else and get it from somebody that’s giving it to her the way she wants it.”

While the book is being promoted, Keith’s next album, which is without a title, will be released pretty soon.

“It’s not going to be called ‘Open Invitation’ because Tyrese has the same title and we didn’t know that so we have to change it,” he Keith explained. “It’s either ‘Til the Morning’ or ‘High As the Sun’”.

But that’s not all. The singer and now entrepreneur has been sharing his tidbits of love advice via his syndicated radio show, “The Sweat Hotel.” He’s also the host of WBLS’s “Quiet Storm” in New York.

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