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1. Take notes. Never stop taking notes. Never say, “I don’t have a pen or a notebook.” Never ever say, “I remember more when I concentrate on listening instead of note-taking.”

2. While you’re taking notes, star anything that needs to be done by you. Your boss isn’t going to wave a flag or jump around every time she assigns you something new. It’s up to you to add it to your list and find a way to get it done.

3. See the future. Become the one with the crystal ball. Because work is not just about the task at hand. It’s about what happens next. For instance, if your boss asks you to finish printing an annual report for the L.A. office, you need to realize it has to be overnighted. Which means the next step is getting it to the mail room before it closes at 6 p.m. Meaning, you now have a deadline.


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