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Here at HelloBeautiful we just love celebrating Black love.  Each week we profile newly engaged couples as they describe the moment he decided to “Put A Ring On It”.

Her Story:

I met Jamel in 2008 on campus. Our first date was on Valentine’s Day at Morton’s Steakhouse and we’ve been together ever since.  Fast forward to March 13, 2010, we were planning to celebrate our two year anniversary. All day, Jamel was sending me on errands! He made a hair appointment for me, told me to get a manicure and pedicure, and even went shopping with me to find the perfect dress and shoes for dinner. Unfortunately, it was raining so I was more concerned about figuring out how to not mess up my hair!

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When I was finally ready to leave, we hopped in a cab and headed downtown for our anniversary dinner at Morton’s Steakhouse of course! As we arrived, I was nervous they may have given our reservation away because we were so late. Jamel told the hostess that we had arrived and she immediately came to seat us. I was SO excited to eat that I didn’t even notice she was taking us to the back of the restaurant.

The hostess opened a door and when I walked in, both of our families were  awaiting us in private room. I was so confused?? What were they doing there?? I looked back at Jamel and I found him on bended knee telling me that I am the best thing that ever happened to him and he would be honored if I would be his wife! Not only did I start crying as I said ‘yes,’ I was jumping up and down!!!! I was to be engaged to the man of my dreams!!

His Story:

I have known Julienne since college and our first date happened at Morton’s Steakhouse (on Valentine’s Day) and when I thought of where to propose this was the perfect choice.  Two months prior I had asked Julienne’s parents for her hand in marriage and that was even more nerve-wrecking than the proposal! It went well and they were excited about helping me surprise Julienne.

The day of the proposal, I planned for our family and friends to come join in the celebration; it was simple, generally people appreciate being a part of memorable occasions and I hired a photographer to capture the celebration. Unfortunately, there was a thunderstorm that night, so I was constantly checking in with everyone to make sure they could be there without getting caught in traffic or in the rain throughout the day.  My sisters were running late so I even had to encourage Julienne to take her time getting ready so that my sisters would have time to get to the restaurant before us (they did).

Ten seconds before asking the big question, I was nervous, not because I was about to ask the question, but because I was expressing my love for her in front of both our families.

I know Julienne is the right woman based on a series of moments that allowed me to see her qualities. It was her commitment to our relationship, her faith in God, her love for children, and her understanding of what it means to be financially responsible. I love you Julienne!

The couple is set to marry on June 16, 2012 and Julienne is “more in love now than yesterday!” Congrats from your family at HelloBeautiful!

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