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CLOSE – Without question a man that stands alone at number 1 in the neo soul ranks definitely loves the credit he deserves but singer Kem let’s everyone knows that he is a songwriter first before he sings.

Here’s what he told the TJMS on how he comes up with his lyrics:

I’m a songwriter first, I take a little bit from my experiences and I take from other people’s experiences and put it all together to create what I hope is beautiful music. I try to be genuine ….I think relationships require us to be honest and I try to do that in the music.

That’s actually a good thing and it’s no wonder why his music sounds so good and mature.

He’s in Detroit right now preparing for a benefit at Mack and 3rd to help the homeless, collecting can goods, clothing, etc.  Not to mention he’ll be at the Tom Joyner Family Reunion at the Gaylord Resort in Orlando, Florida.

You can even add acting to his repertoire as he speaks about his role in the upcoming movie ‘Sparkle’ which stars the late legendary Whitney Houston, Jordin Sparks and Derek Luke and many more.  A man who is spoft spoken and doesn’t say much but his actions speaks volumes,  check out Kem in this intimate interview with Skip Murphy and crew on the TJMS.