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A 9-year-old boy launched an abusive rampage against several toddlers in a Vicksburg, Mississippi, daycare center on July 16, WLBT-TV reports.

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The boy, whose name has not been released, is seen on a nanny cam kicking and punching two other toddlers for more than 10 minutes at the Kiddie City Childcare Center. He is no longer enrolled at the center. The video shows the boy waiting for a daycare worker to look the other way before launching into his merciless attack.


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The parent of one of the boy’s victims, Jamie Williams, says that his daughter was forced to stay home for a week because of injuries–a busted lip and bite mark on her chin–sustained from the attack.

Watch Video Of 9-Year-Old Boy Attacking Toddlers At Daycare

Though Williams’s mistake was going to the daycare and hitting the child who he thought was guilty of the attack. He hit the wrong kid. Williams was cuffed and charged with simple assault after video of his attack was viewed by cops.

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“This is a first for me, and I think it’s ridiculous that a 29-year-old man would stoop that level,” said Vicksburg Police Chief Walter Armstrong.

Vicksburg police also arrested former daycare worker, Sandra Trevillion, and charged her with two counts of contributing to the neglect of a minor.

So far, there is no explanation behind why the boy attacked the other children and his mother has not made a public statement.

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