It’s President Barack Obama‘s 51st Birthday!

Born August 4th, 1961 in Honolulu, Hawaii, President Obama focused on a political career and became an Illinois State Senator. Later on, he successfully became the 44th first African American U.S President. He continues to enact policy changes in the issues of health care and economic crisis.

Last year, President Obama celebrated his birthday with  family and friends like Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z, and Chris Rock. What is he doing this year to celebrate?

President Obama will be celebrating his 51st birthday in his hometown of Chicago by focusing on his campaign. With the election of 2012 creeping up fast, President Obama is focusing “forward” for America. Even though his celebration is simple, President Obama has a lot to celebrate; His health-care reform plan or Affordable Care Act was recently upheld by supreme court, and he is now leading in three key states for the election.

While President Obama’s birthday leaves little time for celebration due to the election, First Lady Michelle Obama will still tease him a little bit on the new gray hairs he has.

Happy 51st Birthday President Obama!

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